Pingali, P., & Rao, T. (2017). Understanding the multidimensional nature of the malnutrition problem in India. Agriculture and Rural Development in a Globalizing World: Challenges and Opportunities, 292. [Link]

Working Papers

Information, Heterogeneous Updating & Higher Education Decisions: Experimental Evidence from India [pdf] [ETRM blog]

Determinants of Maternal Nutrition Outcomes in India: Empirical Evidence on the Role of Agriculture (with Prabhu Pingali) [pdf]

Do Students Overestimate Post-Secondary Education Expenses? Insights from Subjective & Measured Indian Data [draft available upon request]

The Impact of a Community Health-Worker Program on Childhood Immunization: Evidence from India’s ASHA Workers. [SSRN Working Paper] [Ideas For India Blog]

Policy Reports

Oil Prices & East African Food Security: Understanding the Links and Effects on Households (with Channing Arndt, Christopher Barrett and Others). A Technical Report submitted to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. [pdf].